6 Tips For Hiring The Right Movers And Packers In Malaysia

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    6 Tips For Hiring The Right Movers And Packers In Malaysia
    February 19, 2021

    When you decide to relocate your residence, it can be quite stressful for you. It is a challenging task to pack and transport your household items from one place to another. One way to ease your tension and have a safe move is by hiring the best movers and packers in Malaysia. Expert house movers in KL can help you with the moving procedure and ensure a smooth relocation.

    If you want to hire a moving company, here are some tips for you:

    Research The Market

    For hiring movers and packers in Malaysia, it is essential to research the market to select a few movers and packers companies. Once you have the list of local house movers in KL, you can do a thorough examination of their reviews, testimonials, services, and prices. It would help you further shortlist the moving companies; you can avoid companies with bad reviews and suspicious records. You can also ask for recommendations and find the right company for you.

    Movers Will Take Inventory

    All the experienced and reputable moving companies take the inventory of your household products first. They will ask to visit and survey your home to determine the weight, quantity, and massiveness of your goods. The movers will take an accurate estimate of your belongings, including all the storage places. Moving companies give you a quote as per these estimations. They will calculate the price by weight, size, and space needed for your items. So, you must also cross-check their inventory to understand the charges and determine the relocating cost.

    Ensure The Moving Cost

    While you are hiring a moving company, you must ensure their pricing and charges. The cost depends upon the services you are availing of. You must ask for the packing costs and any extra charges involved. For instance, if you live on the ground floor but moving to the second floor, the charges can vary. Moreover, you must ensure the fees for transportation, disassembling, and reassembling of the furniture. Make sure you ask your packing and moving company for all the extra charges before sealing the deal.

    Do Not Pay In Advance

    Any authentic company would not ask for cash or deposit in advance. You should not pay before moving because there is no guarantee that you will get what you paid for or get your belongings in the same condition. You must only pay upon delivery after getting satisfied with the service. Also, paying with a credit card will give you evidence for your remittance.

    Avoid Companies With Multiple Names

    Ensure that the company you choose should have a license. You should check the address and information of the moving company to make certain they are genuine. Moreover, check if the company has the same name since the starting or if it has changed its name. There could be many reasons for switching names; some might be legitimate and some not. For example, a company might switch name due to a change in ownership or change names to avoid bad reviews. So, search online for the company’s reviews and any complaints against it.

    Company’s Insurance Policy

    All moving companies must give assurance and take full responsibility for the value of your household products. Before finalising the deal with house movers in KL, you should check their insurance policy. The company should take accountability for your belongings and ensure safe relocation. Moreover, check the policy about compensation for the damage that can occur to your goods during the transition.

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