How To Move An Office During Pandemic?

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    How To Move An Office During Pandemic?
    April 12, 2021

    Moving offices and relocating to a new building has never been an easy task. However, the challenges have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. You have to take additional precautionary measures and hire office movers in Malaysia with care and caution.

    Here are some tips to ensure a safe move during a pandemic.

    Maintain Social Distancing

    Before the Covid-19 pandemic, people could come and go and move stuff without any problem. However, in a pandemic situation, it is not possible for people to gather and make a move easy. You have to limit the number of people allowed inside the office during relocation. You will have to ensure that limited persons interact with each other, that too from a distance. Similarly, you must maintain social distance from local movers in Malaysia hired to move your office. You should avoid handshakes and ask the crew members to wash their hands beforehand.

    Ask Question From Office Movers Malaysia

    When you decide to hire office movers in Malaysia, you should ask about their work procedure. You should find out how they have changed their protocols during corona virus outbreaks. Request the company to communicate appropriately and ensure transparency regarding their policies. Do they use essential supplies, such as gloves, masks, and sanitizers? Also, what is their process to check their crew’s health? In this crucial situation, it is best to learn about the work practices of moving companies. So, you can be satisfied and move without any worries.

    Move With Caution

    You should be careful about your move during a pandemic. Moving and packing is always stressful and requires caution; however, the need for precautions has increased during a pandemic. You should proceed with your relocation with care, be attentive about the surroundings, and manage all the SOPs. All the preparations should be done in advance, and you must be ready with hand sanitizers, gloves, and face masks.

    Avoid Paperwork And Documentation

    Hiring local movers in Malaysia comes with some paperwork as well. However, it is suggested that all the paperwork and documentation should be completed virtually amidst the pandemic. You should avoid the passing around of pens and papers during Covid-19. Thus, the companies must follow these safety measures, and you should request them to do so.

    Check The Unpacking Process

    When you hire local movers in Malaysia, they are responsible for packing and unpacking your belongings. Now, you must think about this procedure during the pandemic. You can do the packing of office supplies yourself and let the company handle heavy furniture. Moreover, when it comes to unpacking, people prefer to do it themselves nowadays. They wipe down the boxes before touching them and then cut them open to remove stuff. In contrast, some people quarantine their goods in storage facilities and let it sit there for some time. So, the decision is in your hand; you must consider the safest option and plan it in advance to avoid any hassles.

    Inform Your Staff

    While moving offices, you have to inform your staff members beforehand. This notion has become significant during the pandemic. Your staff will play a vital role while packing supplies and accessories. Also, they need to be out of the way when the moving company comes to take your stuff to avoid interaction. Further, staff members have to be cautious when they unpack boxes after relocating to the new place.

    If you want to hire professional office movers in Malaysia, who follow all the safety measures and ensure safe work practices, contact Berjaya Movers.