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    Office moving Safety during COVID-19 Time
    July 30, 2021

    The moving process is very stressful and most likely that you may forget to follow safety measures. Sometimes a tiny mistake can lead you to a significant loss or severe injury. Moving office during the pandemic time can be life-threatening. So the people try not to move during the pandemic time, but there is no other choice for some people, and move is unavoidable.

    If the office relocation is unavoidable, the first concern must be to safeguard yourself. You have to safeguard your belongings in whatever situation and take all precautions to ensure a safe relocation. During this pandemic time it is essential to learn some fundamental moving safety rules.

    Here are some of the most important factors to remember:

    Use brand new packing supplies:

    It was common practice to reuse grocery store boxes for packing households to minimize the relocation cost before this pandemic situation. But now the authorities are urging individuals not to reuse objects that have already been used. According to the study, the virus may survive for up to 24 hours on cardboard. As a result, using sterilized new packaging boxes is strongly advised.

    Schedule during off hours:

    The only way to avoid COVID-19 is to maintain social distance and little interpersonal exposure. There is a potential that in-office hours just a few persons will be contacted. Fewer people in a building mean a smoother moving process with less chance of getting sick.

    Minimize supervision staff:

    It’s critical to designate a team member to oversee the relocation process with movers and packers Malaysia. Supervisory staff, on the other hand, should be limited to a minimum to reduce interpersonal exposure.

    Allow movers to pack:

    Office staff must be minimal and allow movers and packers Malaysia to do the packing. The movers KL have vast experience of packing the sensitive equipment like computers, printers, etc. However, if the employees have their belongings in the office and need to collect, schedule a pickup time before moving to keep social distancing.

    Storage & box usage:

    Keep all packed items in a well-arranged way to avoid any unfortunate event happening. Movers KL are experts in keeping things symmetry to make it easy for loading time. You may get big boxes or pallets to arrange some small items in one place. If needed, allow movers and packers Malaysia to get on rent.

    Must follow lifting rules:

    To prevent injury, you must follow the lifting safety rules. The careless procedure can lead to lifetime injury. You must follow the below steps to lift the weight.

    • Keep your spine alignment as neutral as possible
    • When lifting weight, always bend your knee, not your waist
    • To maintain the balance, keep your load close to your body
    • Don’t twist your body while carrying weight
    • If twisting is necessary, the first turn your hip then feet

    Do not make your move process a weightlifting competition. If something is more than your capacity and not easy to manage, ask movers and packers Malaysia for help instead of doing on your own. Your body capacity is well known to you, so only attempt to do a thing per your capacity.

    Disinfect before and after relocation:

    The disinfecting surface is a method to stop germs from spreading further. The most efficient approach to wipe away any dangerous bacteria is using diluted home bleach solutions. To ensure maximum safety, disinfect before and after the relocation.

    Cleaning is a must:

    Using expert cleaners to help with your relocation might save you a lot of time. Make sure to properly dispose of any packing materials, in addition to cleaning your furniture and possessions as you unpack.

    After you finally unload your boxes, be sure to sanitize each one with an excellent sanitizing spray because they’ve been touched by movers KL.