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    Reliable local movers Malaysia
    May 8, 2021

    Shifting into a new home can be a pretty stressful and tiring process. Most people panic even from the thought of shifting, as the whole process of packing and unpacking is draining. We know how difficult it can be to move from one place to another; that’s why we bring you the best solutions to make your shifting stress-free.

    Why do it yourself when we can do it for you?

    Why should you hire local movers in Malaysia for shifting?

    Shifting isn’t manageable on your own, especially when you have a busy schedule; it’s wiser to hire someone to do it for you. When it comes to hiring local movers, Malaysia, do proper homework to make your experience pleasant and hassle-free. Look for licensed, reliable, and reputable house movers KL.

    Hiring local movers is a great option when moving locally. Here we will discuss why:

    • Services of experienced professionals.
    • All your heavy household items will be carried safely.
    • Stress-free and reliable process.
    • 100% protection of all your delicate items is ensured.
    • Your time is saved.

    What is the cost of hiring local movers in Malaysia?

    The cost of local movers is less than cross-country movers. However, the cost of different local movers may vary as it depends on various factors and their services. Usually, short-distance movers charge by the hour. For instance, on average, a 2- bedroom home needs three movers, and the time taken is almost 3 hours.

    Factors on which the cost depends:

    • Location
    • Time of year
    • Size and number of items to be packed and moved
    • The number of staff required.

    Note: You will be charged with a fee of 1 hour extra as a travel fee, i.e., the time required by the labor to reach your house from their headquarters.

    How to reduce the cost of local movers?

    You can always reduce the cost of local movers by reducing the number of items you are moving, which will reduce the time required by the staff to move your stuff and thus reduce overall cost.

    Relocation services at Berjaya movers not only save your time but are cost-effective also.

    How do you find reliable local movers?

    We are aware of your concerns, and it is always better to check the reviews of customers on the services of local movers. Reputation is the key to a successful business, and only local professional movers will have good reviews and an online reputation.

    Berjaya movers are serving for years, and all our customers are highly satisfied with our services.

    How do we provide the best services of house movers KL?

    If you are planning on shifting, it is time to start finding the house movers in KL who will do the right job for you. Not all local movers in Malaysia are reputable and reliable, so be sure to check before who you trust. If you rely upon un-professionals for this job they might charge you more and also the services they provide will not be satisfactory.

    Worry no more; we are here at your service. Make us a part in moving to your new destination. Our professionals take care of your stuff delicately, and we guarantee you the safety of all your items. We promise you will not regret hiring us.

    Contact Berjaya movers now for efficient relocation services in Kuala Lumpur and get your quote now.