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    Safely Move to Your New Office
    July 31, 2021

    It is common in the business world to relocate offices for several reasons. But relocating safely is a big challenge for everyone. It is the most challenging task to safely shift all the office equipment, furniture, high-value office electronics, and in the same case, heavy machinery. Some of the small offices like printing press involve machinery to be relocated with the office. There are many things in the office that are most sensitive and can be a headache from moving one place to another.

    The best way to ensure that office relocation goes off without a hitch is to prepare ahead of time and organize logistics. As a result, you should plan ahead of time with office movers Malaysia to avoid any snags throughout the relocation process. Choosing relocation services Malaysia is a stress free way to complete the relocation in most appropriate way.

    ·         Start planning early

    Plan everything earlier for moving day. Assign duties to concerned personnel and get all the things ready in advance. Write down your plan and follow the steps mention to ensure everything is going smoothly as planned.

    The planning should be only limited to the packing and dismantling or loading. You should ensure the new office is ready to accommodate; all spaces are assigned to concerned departments.

    ·         Appoint a move manager

    The splitting of the tasks between concerned persons and respective departments makes it easy, but there is still a need to appoint a relocation manager. Assign duties to the people who will be responsible for the overall process and ensure the process’s effectiveness. The administrative assistant may be the best person to hand over this responsibility, but you may still consider the person having prior experience of any commercial relocation.

    ·         Select the best movers

    Whatever level of care and managerial effort you apply can go all wrong if you choose inexperienced and unprofessional office movers Malaysia. Before selecting relocation services, Malaysia does proper research and asks for recommendations. If you know anyone who has recently been moved, ask them for their experience with relocation services Malaysia.

    The office movers Malaysia must be licensed and have an insurance facility to accommodate any loss in case of an accident. If searching online for office movers Malaysia, check the comments and reviews about their relocation services Malaysia.

    ·         Assign responsibility to each about their desk

    Assigning responsibility to all employees about their desks will ensure the effectiveness of the process. Each employee will be held responsible for their equipment, stationary files, and work table chair.

    ·         Supervise the unloading process

    The unloading process must be supervised by the manager responsible for relocation. Under the supervision, it will be easy to put all equipment in their specified place. In this way, the extra cost to hire labor for moving items inside the office can be avoided. Further supervision ensures the safety of items that can be compromised and neglected if nobody is there to invigilate the process.

    ·         Make sure destination office cleanliness

    Before moving to the new office, it must be adequately cleaned. Cleanliness is the most important factor to consider. If not properly cleaned, it will have a terrible first impression that will discourage employees and eventually disturb their performance too. This dirt and dust will have a bad impact on employees’ health, so avoid making them sick and minimize extra costs for the company.

    ·         Ensure a safe workplace for all

    Before moving to a new office, plan and allocate the space to each employee and ensure safety. You must ensure the easy and safe movement of employees to avoid and unfavorable events to happen. In this Covid-19 time, also ensure the office is properly sanitized. All the workstations are installed at a proper safe distance for the sack of employee’s health.