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    House Movers

    House Movers Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia You have found a mind-blowing place to live, and now you are planning to move as soon as you can. But, do you really think it is easy to move your entire belongings, without any struggle? Well, no! the whole process of shifting is…

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    Professional Office Movers, Malaysia Moving your office from one site to another is a tedious and hefty job. You need to pack the items, carry out the packages, load them carefully, and organize them in your new office. This is a heavy workload and leads to stress, especially if you…

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    International Movers

    Moving abroad is a hectic and stressful situation. You need to take care of lots of things; you need to prepare yourself for the move and make plans on time. All of this can be quite overwhelming and can burden you with many responsibilities. On top of that, when it…

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    Movers and Packers

    Movers and Packers in Kuala Lumpur(KL) Packing the items and commodities is a crucial part of relocation. When you move places, you move with your belongings. This packing and keeping your goods secured is not an easy task. It can take you days to pack your stuff. Moreover, by any…

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    Often when you are moving, storage & warehousing has become a problem for most of the people. We do offer storage & warehousing service for our clients. Whether you are moving domestically or even internationally, we have various storage and warehouse facilities that will securely store your heavy, or even…

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    Piano / Safe box moving

    Moving your piano or safe box is not at all like moving your normal stuff. These items require special handle & care to properly move. It requires technique and a team of expert to safely move piano  or safe box without damaging it and making sure it function as it…

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    ATM Machine moving

    Moving an ATM Machine requires speciallzed tools and vehicle, hence not all movers have the expertise in moving ATM machine. With our experience working with ATM machine suppliers and also in the banking industry for more than 10 years, we have a team of trained expert and also equipped with…

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    With more than 20 years of experience in trucking services, our strong network and connection with warehousing & storage facilities has allow us to be able to offer the best & efficient trucking services in Malaysia. We can cover any warehouse, airport, port or destination within the country. With updated…

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    Insurance has always been important and a point to consider when moving your house, especially when a lot of valuable items are at stake. Do i Need to Purcahse Insurance? Jaya Movers will take your belongings as top priority, but contingency and accident happens,  that is why insurance is important…

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    Moving with a checklist helps a lot and make things easier. Plan ahead and think of what needed to be kept and what not. We can help you with the checklist and provide assistance on that aspect. Please contact us for more information and request for a checklist expert so…

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    Generally there are 3 options to be considered when shipping your items abroad. You can either have your iterms shpped by dedicated vehicle, shipping container or by air freight. Please contact us for more information on a shipping your goods internationally so our shipping expert can advise on which method…

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    When you want your items to be delivered urgently, air freight is the best option. However we only recommend small and light items such as clothing, documents and small office equipments to be delivered by air freight. Sending larger items would cost more by air freight. Please contact us for…

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    Goods need to be packed professionally and correctly to ensure that it is not damaged. Oftenly insurance do not cover items that are self packed if the items are damaged during transit. We can either provide you the material to pack yourself or we can help you with the packaging…

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    There are various customs regulations, depending on which country you are importing into. Please research and study the countries regulation before taking any action to ensure your items can be moved succesfully without any delay or interuptions. For more information about customs, please contact us to speak to our experienced…

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    Moving with children

    Moving with children is could be problematic if not prepared and planned accordingly. For kids especially those aged between 12 to 18, it is essential to let them be prepared mentally first and tell them about the move few months ahead. We have experienced that most of our clients did…

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    Moving with your pet

    For pet lovers, they are also considered as family member. Moving your pets aborad could be problematic if certain things are not taken into consideration such as paperwork, blood tests, quarantine. Our pet relocation expert will settle all of this for you without any interuptions so that your pet will…

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    High value items

    There are certain valuable items that needed professional care as paintings and antiques. Those items need to be wrapped and taken care of with special materials to make sure that these high value items are moved in one piece. It is recommended that insurance is covered for high value items…

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    Still have some bits left to unpack and wondering who’ll pack it for you?

    Our local movers in Malaysia are coached in making it as time-efficient as possible, so you don’t have to delay your relocation. Thanks to our extensive experience in relocation services in Malaysia, we are fully aware of taking the right approach. We will be there as you move, ensuring everything we packed is unloaded and transferred to your new place. If there’s any waste, we will take care and trash it according to the latest eco-friendly standards.

    Relocation, no matter the scale, is always fun! From kids to adults, everyone loves the magic of switching the surroundings and becoming associated with a novel part of life. However, it can be quite stressful if you’ve to do everything yourself. Jaya Movers, renowned as the best local movers in Malaysia ensures that the process remains an amusement and not a burden.

    We excel in making your dreams come true. With our relocation services in Malaysia, it doesn’t matter if you desire to move to just a block away or a hundred kilometers far; the process will always be cohesive and convenient. Thanks to our experienced team, we can serve you in every regard possible. Despite the scale, we are free from distinguishing the projects and take each one of them with utmost care and passion.

    Our relocation services in Malaysia are extended to every local business because we know how valuable your work is! We excel in dealing with commercial clients too. Our customer service is off-the-charts! With the best local movers in Malaysia, we have a workforce dedicated to your satisfaction and happiness. Our expertise is always targeted at making it the best day of your life. With our budget-friendly solutions, you can say no to those wanting to drain your pocket.

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